Monday, March 2, 2009

I Don't Care 'Bout That

For your viewing delight. Try not to spew milk out your nose.

For those who've been paying attention to the news at all today, we're buried under snow here in Boston. It started snowing yesterday morning, and hasn't really stopped since. We're in a lull right now, before another snow cell dumps all over us.

To my utter shock and amazement, though, the T didn't break down once this morning! That's the first time heavy snow has not slowed my morning commute by, oh, 30 minutes. Way to go, MBTA. You're like the little train that could.

Yuval and I are headed to Cincinnati this Thursday evening. We'll be spending the weekend with my parents, seeing the touring Broadway version of Frost/Nixon and driving back to Boston in my sister's car on Sunday. Getting her car is the only tangible benefit I receive from her going off to Australia to have super amazing adventures while "studying." Yeah, right. Like she'll be able to study with the beach just a 5 minute walk from her dorm.

Oh, and I think I may have found something I'd like to go to school for, and then spend the next 5 to 7 years working at: being a Veterinary Technician. I don't have the prerequisites to go to Veterinary School (I would need to have taken a lot more bio, chem, and physics classes in college). But the program is only 2 years, and a Vet Tech is like a nurse to a physician, so I'd still get to work with animals--I just wouldn't be doing the surgeries or the euthanasia.

And this wouldn't replace my ultimate goal of going to grad school. It would just help me earn more money for it and serve as a very worthy job in the meantime.

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Yuval Shavit said...

Hahaha. Poor dog. But... hahaha.