Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Call Me Irresponsible

Busy busy. Megan's visit was fun and allowed me to do those things that you're supposed to do in Boston (like going to the Museum of Science, eating in Harvard Square, seeing a movie at the Coolidge Corner theater, etc.) that I haven't ever done before. I felt bad for her because I was at work 8 hours a day every day she was here, but she insists she had a good time--besides, not having me around gave her a chance to watch as much Project Runway and Scrubs as she wanted. There's nothing she enjoys more than sitting in front of a TV for eight hours. Seriously.

Saw Juno with her. Laughed and enjoyed it, but I experienced many of the things dear Anton discussed in his post about the movie. The jokes were very funny at times, but the whole thing hinged on a rather incredulous tack: a super-witty 16 year old not getting freaked out by being pregnant. Quoi? That said, I love Alison Janney forever and ever, amen. The MOS was much cooler than I expected it to be--I even enjoyed their section on light and lenses, two of my least favorite topics in physics. I got to see a lightning show worthy of Tessla and take pictures of a to-scale model of a Naboo fighter from Episode I. The place was, predictably on a Friday night, swarmed with children and their parents, but most of the kids were surprisingly well-behaved (that and they were constantly distracted by something new so they didn't have time to wreak havoc). Also got my sister hooked on Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords for DS, so much so that she went and bought it immediately upon returning to Cincinnati. Yay for spreading the love of little-known games! She left at 6:45am Saturday morning, which meant that I had to wake up to see her off and, after falling back asleep, therefore slept in until 1pm and missed my dance class at the gym. Feeling so out of shape and lazy! Two weeks with no gym time!

Yuval and I went to the aquarium on Saturday afternoon and had a blast. Penguins are so cute, and I recorded the mating call of the Little Blue penguin (which really just sounds like an unearthly screech, but damn the actual animals were adorable). We watched Sharks 3D, my first 3D movie ever, and that was an experience. Now I want to see the one about the ancient sea creatures of the deep. Afterwards we walked to the North End and had dinner at a yummy Italian place whose name escapes me (which is like saying we ate a Chinese place in Chinatown). Then we headed back to my apartment and watched the Democratic debates with Adrienne, Terrell, and Katherine (Adrienne's HS friend). My favorite part was definitely when Richardson referred to a "cooperation with the Soviet Union". D'oh! You know his campaign staff were beating their heads against a pole backstage at that one. I don't think anyone really won, but I think it's clear Hillary's going to need a big win in New Hampshire to stay in the race. Also, Obama needs to works on his impromptu public speaking skillz.

Sunday was a late lie-in and saw Yuval and I grabbing breakfast at the quaint hippie bagel place across the street. Got some laundry done, cleaned my room, organized papers, ate a scrumptious protein-packed dinner courtesy of Adrienne, and headed over to Margaret's to watch some 30Rock (which I'd never seen before). Such a fabulous, amazing show! I can see what all the hype's about now, and 30Rock definitely deserves it. Also we had yummy ice cream and I received an advanced reader's copy of a YA book that looks to be chocked full of fun Elizabethan drama and capers. Now I just have to finish The Kite Runner first...

I'm going to see Copenhagen at the A.R.T tomorrow night with the boy, that is if his poor grandfather doesn't die before that. If he does--as he well might because he's literally on his deathbed--Yuval is hopping the next plane to Israel so they can do the traditional burial-within-24-hours-of-death thing. Not a great time for his family. But at least we had some fun last night, what with him cooking me schnitzel and noodles (he even bought 20 oz. Cokes special for me!) and participating in trivia night at Johnny D's in Davis Square last night with his friend Tim (who reminded me muchly of Nick Lerangis). Finally, my catalog of useless knowledge came in handy!

Okay, time to leave work and head to Costco to look for new glasses. One of the arms that holds a nosepad broke off mine, which is particularly wretched timing as my viral eye problem has come back and I'm not supposed to be wearing my contacts at all for two weeks. But with my glasses out of commission, I have no choice! I'm legally blind otherwise (really, in all seriousness). So my eyes hurt. And so does my brain. :o(

But at least I'm not this guy. I told you there were real blue people out there!


Traveler72 said...

Tell me all about Copenhagen! It might be my thesis next year! But I'm sorry to hear about teh boy's grandfather.

By the way, Richard II is now on the list of my favorite Shakespeare plays. I never thought I'd like a History. Which ones are you a fan of?

The Project said...

To follow up on Griff's post---Copenhagen is basically my favorite play, so tell me what you think. For a while, my dream was to do it with Turgeon and Colin Mannex.

Also. I saw a "Best of Shark Week" on DVD, and almost bought it for you. Then I figured you might already own it. Let me know if you don't, and I'll track it down somehow.

Hope all is well,


Traveler72 said...

Henry IV part II? Really? I found that to be a little boring, but to be fair I had just finished part I and I had Henry V ahead of me, so maybe I was a little out of it. Too much Falstaff. Not enough rebellion quashing.

I hope all is well there!