Thursday, January 17, 2008

Who Knew

Tonight's my first class session of MET AC630, otherwise known as Financial and Managerial Accounting at BU's Metropolitan College. Kind of nervous, but excited, too: I'll finally be learning again (even if it's only number stuff)! Had another first session last night with my volunteering job at the homeless shelter. Man, I forgot how rowdy and hyper little boys can be! My partner, Matt, and I were in charge of four really cute 5-6 year old boys for 1 1/2 hours last night. Nothing real disastrous happened, aside from one of the kids cussing in Spanish about every 5 minutes. There was an awkward moment while I was playing with the doll house with three of them (yes, a super cool doll house): one of the kids starting knocking all the furniture over while sayin "We gotta mess it up! The house has to be messy cuz then when the police come they won't arrest you!" The other kids joined in with cries of "Yeah! Yeah, the police are coming! Make it messy!" Needless to say I was thrown off kilter into sadness as I have no doubt that this kid believes this because of some real life experience. Matt then diverted their attention to the massive dominoes track the other kids were building and all awkwardness went away. This is going to take a lot more energy than I thought...

My "Pride and Prejudice" audition was cancelled on Monday because of the shitstorm of snow we got and I couldn't make the rescheduled times. Hopefully I'll be able to make my audition for another show at the end of January: I'd hate to miss yet another one because my life and/or transportation issues complicate my schedule. However, the cancelled Monday auditions gave me a chance to go to my Zumba (Latin dance) class at the gym and then candlepin bowling with Kat and Garrett. Before heading over to bowling, though, I stopped at the bar in the same square where Yuval and his friend's were playing trivia night. Met two more of his friends, scolded Tim for wearing a Michigan sweatshirt, and utterly failed to help them win any more points before I had to jet for bowling. Yuval came to the bowling alley after trivia, met my friends, saw me win the game I was playing (76, baby!), and then we headed back to his house for some "fun", and then he drove me home (after we dug his car out of the snow bank it was entrapped in). Haven't seen him since then, but I'm seeing him tonight after my class gets out. It's so bizarre dating someone when you don't live, you know, within a walk down Middle Path from each other: you have to plan out your time together. I'm not complaining, though!

This weekend I'm going to visit my friend Melissa in Raleigh, NC via a 16 hour bus ride. I'm so excited--poor girl moved there for a great job at the Carolina Ballet Company in October and has been having a really hard time making good friends and meeting people (theatre work, of course, not being the most socially accommodating of careers). Hopefully my visit will bring some joy (not to mention lots of movie-fests, ice cream eating, and fast drives through country roads listening to Pink blasting through the speakers). Ah, tradition...

I was notified today by one of my casting companies that there will be a casting call for a new Martin Scorcese movie staring Leo DiCaprio called Ashecliffe in a few weeks. Sweet! I could be a nurse or a crazy person at a mental institution! Anything to get close to Leo, right? ;o)

BTW, this book is fucking hilarious. Everyone should buy it, read it, and laugh at the equal-opportunity offensiveness. In honor of Dad's trip to Riyadh tonight, I faxed him the pages on Saudi Arabia. Just so he can be fully informed, ya know.

p.s. To all my gamer friends, does this sound about right to you? Yeah, I thought so.


The Project said...

Hey Erin, remember that time you didn't post on your blog for a while, so I left a really obnoxious comment, especially because there is a perfectly good meme going around which will require basically no thought for you to post?

Oh wait. That time was now.


Traveler72 said...

Yay! Your response to my post is exactly why I wanted to write my blog about being in England, and since it's been slipping basically since the beginning into "Griffin's adventures" rather than "what Griffin learned from being immersed in a different culture," I'm glad I was able to bring the analytical element back. huzzah!
As for my birthday, I had a gin martini while watching a found-space production of Shakers. this lead me to deduce that martinis taste really bad.
I should go have a pint somewhere.
I hope NC treated you well! Huzzah!