Friday, February 15, 2008

(Don't Fear) The Reaper

Happy (belated) V-Day! I hope yesterday was full of beach-storming, logistical planning, and tactical movement. It's one of the hardest mission days of the year out there, and I just want to know if you all came out of it in one piece. And maybe with some candy.

I myself had a lovely, quiet celebration with Yuval. This is the first time in my life I've had an SO on V-Day, so the novelty was fun. His past couple weeks have been super suck-tacular--so much so that he's going to start looking for a new job this weekend--and because of that I wanted him to have this one night of reprieve and good things. So I skipped my accounting class and made the lemon dill salmon, cooked the rice pilaf, bought the Brigham's Dice-Kream Ice Cream, and cleaned my apartment from ceiling to floorboards. He stumbled in the door around 8:30pm just as the food was coming out of the oven, and we had a relaxing (and yummy) dindins. And the rest of the night was pretty spectacular as well. I think I speak for both of us when I say that our sleepovers are the highlight of my days. He had to go to a doctor's appointment this morning and I had to get to work, though, so no lounging in bed for either of us. That's okay, though, as we're eating dinner together and then he's driving me up to Portsmouth, NH to catch my Skybus flight to Kenyon for the weekend.

Yay for visits to Ohio!

Sunday I'm meeting my parents in Columbus and spending the rest of the weekend in Cincy with them. So very excited for that. Then it's back to Portsmouth on Monday, where Yuval will meet me and take me home. Thank God for nice, considerate guys. I really lucked out with him. I'm so very, very happy. Things aren't perfect in my life, but they're pretty darn good. :o)

I'm looking into two grad programs here at BU. One is and MA in Public Relations with a Non-Profit Concentration, the other is an MBA in Non-Profit Management. I really like the look of both of them, though of course the quantitative analysis required for the MBA intimidates me just a little bit. I wouldn't be applying for either of them until Spring 2009 in any case, so I have plenty of time to decide. Meanwhile I've sent in my official application to the Fundraising Management graduate certificate program! It's a little surreal having to ask professors for recommendations again.

When last we talked, I was about to go see Semele. I loved it: very funny, very beautiful. Ran into two of the Classics professors who had seen it as well in the subway afterwards. Adrienne and I saw Shakespeare's Actresses in America this past Sunday, which we both really enjoyed. Daniel Kramer should have shipped all his acting students and all the Hist O' West students out here to see this play. It was basically a living history performance: she would embody the acting styles of different actresses (from different times in American history) who played 6 different Shakespeare heroines. So that melodramatic acting style that we all learned was popular in early 19th century America? We got to see what that actually looked like. Some of the actresses she focused on were Sarah Bernhardt, Ellen Terry, Margaret Webster, Elizabeth Taylor, Kathleen Turner, and Claire Danes. SO amazing.

My boss went to a wine expo this past Saturday where she scored a pair of free lift tickets to Waterville Valley ski resort. However, she doesn't ski, and neither do any of her friends, so she gave them to me. Which means Yuval and I can do that ski weekend that we've been wanting to do...but for less money! $120 less, to be exact. :o) We'll have to go soon, though, because it looks like real winter is in its last throes here.

Okay, time to discuss last night's episode of Lost with my boss and student employee. It's part of our Friday ritual. Oh how we love to be tortured by mystery!

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Traveler72 said...

Hooray for rice pilaf! And skiing! Sounds like you're having a wonderful time!