Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Round Here

Before you read anything, slide your eyes to the right and vote on my poll. I'm curious about all you Garth Nix fans out there! :o)

It's the first Tuesday in February, which means it must be Super Tuesday. That's right, today marks the day when champions of various peoples will don their armor made from remainders of their ancient gods, spout their vicious battle cries, and fight to the death in the glorious arena of public speculation, where only one from each tribe can emerge the victor and claim him/herself to be the ultimate "Nominee." I will be doing my part for the battle after work by punching a hole in a card (and making sure no part of it is left hanging). Rally to your individual field of battle, my friends, where the arrows and propaganda signs of opponents may blot out the sun, but we will continue to fight in the shade!

Go, Go, Obama, Go!

One of the fun things about working in the Classics department is that, occasionally, you get reminded how intense these professors can be about their work. Why, just today I was sitting here in my office, dutifully responding to emails, when in walks our department chair and his two TA's, one of whom is armed with a replica Spartan shield and the other is armed with a wooden spear twice the length of her whole body. The back of the shield was inscribed (in Sharpie) with the following: "For those who are not afraid to do battle in the shade." Apparently there will be some agit prop theatre going on in the Warfare in Antiquity class today...

As I'm sure you may have heard, Sunday was the beginning of the end of days. A mighty dynasty fell to an unworthy foe that capitalized on an injured leader. But, Super Bowl champions or not, the Patriots still beat the tar out of every team in the NFL this season. Sometimes twice. And may I remind everyone that the Miami Dolphins' perfect season was only 17-0, including the Super Bowl? Clearly the Pats' 18-0 can speak for itself. You win this round, Manning brothers, but beware! The day will soon come when your past sins will catch up with you!

On to things you care about, I hear readers complain? Okay. Well, here is something for anyone who's ever had to sit through a conference about something they've written. Nate, you may want to study this video in close detail if you're planning on getting The Silence published. ;o) Also, please delight in the hilarity of this news story wherein you get to hear the phrase "wiener poopie" said at least 5 times by the reporter and an older woman. That's pure American Gold right there, people. How could this guy do this report without laughing all the way through? That man must have the discipline of an American Gladiator, kids.

Tonight Yuval and I are going to see Semele as presented by Opera Boston (and assistant directed by the lovely Ms. Adrienne Boris). But since we're both getting tight in the money belt, we're dining at an establishment like, say, McDonald's beforehand. Nothing says "class" like fast food and opera, right? For now, I'm back to work--which actually just means reading more from the latest issues of Wired and Glamour and playing more Puzzle Quest.

Also, just found out that two of my friends from my church-related activities and church camp are engaged. It's rather bizarre to think of these two people that I've known for many years now being engaged, especially since they just started dating this past summer. But I suppose that's the way things go when they've known each other for almost a decade beforehand, eh? So many engagements and weddings in this past year! Oy vey.


Traveler72 said...

I didn't know about Garth Nix, but I checked out wikipedia and I think I'd go with Remembrancer, even though I don't know the complete context. I like that emo-goth-wistful ability to view the past.

Traveler72 said...

btw, did you add on Google Adsense? Are you getting paid when I visit your blog?

Oh dear.