Thursday, February 28, 2008

Make Me Lose Control

So I slept for 15 hours last night. Yep, that's 10+5 hours. I fell asleep at 5:30pm intending to just take a nice long nap and then meet Kat & Garrett (my candlepin bowling buddies) for Kat's B-day celebration at Intermission Tavern at 9pm. At the longest my naps in the past have lasted for 3 hours, so I figured there was no need to set the alarm. The sleeping commenced, and when I woke up it was 3:39am. I was so disoriented for over a full minute, not remembering anything. My thought process went something like this:

1) Where am I? Why am I awake?
2) I don't remember going to bed. When did I go to bed?
3) Did I go to the bar? I don't remember going to the bar. Did I black out? Oh God, how did I get home if I blacked out?
4) Why am I still wearing a bra if I'm in bed?
5) I didn't go to bed. I was taking a nap. Wait, the bar! I'm supposed to meet them!
6) What time is it? Holy shit it's 3:39! Did I sleep until the next day? Crap, I missed work!
7) Wait, it's still dark outside. OMFG, it's 3:39AM. I just slept through most of Wednesday.
8) I'm drugging myself with Benadryl and going back to sleep after I get up and take my meds.

And so I did. Needless to say I was still a bit loopy from the Benadryl when I woke up at 8am this morning (with the aid of alarm, this time). I feel ridiculously rested, though, like I just came out of hibernation or something. I haven't ever done something like that before in my life. EVER. It was nuts. I'm still reeling over the ludicrous nature of it.

Went to my first Boston Bruins game on Tuesday night with Yuval (of course--someone needed to be there to explain everything to me!). Even though we were in the top row of the stadium, TD Banknorth Garden is a really nicely designed space so we didn't feel like we were in the nosebleeds at all. Hockey fans are a bunch of drunk nutcases, so clearly I enjoyed myself very much. We wiped the ice with the Ottawa Senators, 4-0, which is made all the more sweet because they were ranked #1 at the time and we were #7. Take that, Canada!

Currently Yuval and I are planning a ski day for next Sunday--just a day because staying overnight is way too expensive. Plus I got those free lift tickets from my boss, so that's money in the bank right there! I miss skiing. It's funny to remember how I used to be really good back when we lived in Utah--I was skiing moguls and black diamonds at the age of 5. And now I can barely manage the blue square courses...such a downgrade!

Tonight is my first accounting class in two weeks. Class was cancelled last week, and the week before I skipped it for Valentine's Day. I really hope he hasn't given out a midterm or anything crazy like that since my last class. Speaking of classes, I've gotten all the materials on my end turned in to apply for that Graduate Certificate in Fundraising Management program that I keep blabbing on about. Hurray! Now I just have to wait for the recommendations to find their way to MET College's application committee.

That's all for now. Back to re-designing the department website! I'm such a nerd for it, but I really love website design. I get so caught up that hours can fly by before I realize how long I've been staring at the computer. Oh, the Intarweb!

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Traveler72 said...

Hurrah for applying for grad school! Guess what I have to submit today? Preliminary thesis proposals. Not even what shows we're thinking of, just who we're working with and what we're doing.

I've had an existential crisis about directing, and the ultimate conclusion is that I'll be acting for my thesis, and maybe directing in a non-graded venue.

Cooking is fun when you have time and money and materials. Oh, and an idea of what you're doing. can be stressful.

How do I look British? I find myself out of place, still. I had some dates only to not get a response, so I'm feeling a little unaccepted by England at the moment.

Oh, and hey, don't worry about skiing. All I can ski is a bunny slope, so even the blue diamonds gets an "oooooh, ahhhhhh" from me. :)