Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I Feel The Earth Move

So much to report! Let's go in chronological order, shall we? Starting with where I left off last week.

After riding the high from my accounting class the previous night (in which the professor called me "extremely remarkable" for keeping pace with the class even though I hadn't been to the last class), I went to work full of TGIF. That evening I saw my second hockey game of the week, this time BU vs. UMass Boston men's hockey at Agganis Arena (at BU). It was a double date with Yuval's best friend Tim and his girlfriend Kate, during the course of which I found out that BU has a killer ice hockey arena and the food is cheaper than it is at TD Banknorth (duh). Fun sleepover times carry us into the next morning.

After deciding to skip my usual Saturday morning dance class at the gym, Yuval and I settled on lounging in bed and talking about how much we didn't want to get up. Eventually we roused ourselves from the clutches of my bed and journeyed to Dunkin' Donuts for a delicious breakfast. It was felt that the best use of our time would be to eat our various bakery delights whilst watching Anchorman, so back across the street to my apartment it was. Only a few minutes into the movie a kind of contest was established to see which one of us could quote the upcoming lines before the other (I maintain that it was a tie). Then off to errands with him, while I stayed home and proceeded to putz about the apartment for the better part of (what was left of) the day. I received a call from Jillian around 6pm telling me that Dylan had come down with another nasty cold--and so graciously shared with her--so they would not be needing my services after all. Normally I'd be miffed about missing time with baby and a little extra cash, but this was a fortuitous turn of events as it allowed me to accompany Yuval and his younger sister, Michal, to dinner (delicious Indian food in Lexington).

I think I passed the first of the four "meet the family members" tests with flying colors. Michal and I got along splendidly and I very much enjoyed her embarrassing stories about Yuval's younger escapades. After dropping her off at South Station to catch her bus back to Montreal (she goes to school at McGill), we headed back to Yuval's place for some serious PTFO [Pass The Fuck Out] time. He told me we needed to be up early for my (delayed) birthday surprise on Sunday, so right to bed we went.

The alarm went off for the first time at 7am and we were out the door by 8am. I knew we were taking a bus somewhere, and discovered upon arrival at South Station that we were getting on the next coach to NYC. "So that's what my birthday surprise is, a day in New York!" thought I. Oh no, that was just part of it. We arrive in the Big Apple after a 4 1/2 hour bus ride, whereupon Yuval informs that (as I might have guessed) we're here to see a Broadway show. Holy shit. This guy just won the Sweetest Guy in the Universe Award forever and ever. I didn't even care what we saw I was so blown away.

He said he'd requested tickets to Spamalot (which we'd unsuccessfully attempted to see when it came to Boston), but Ticketmaster had sent him a pair of seats for Spring Awakening instead. He said I could choose either one. Hmm...hilarious farce complete with song or rock n' roll bildungsroman set in a boys prep school? I opted for Spamalot because 1) I wasn't in the mood for loud rock music, 2) I've wanted to see it longer, 3) I knew he'd enjoy it 100x more than Spring Awakening. So off to Camelot we went, and wouldn't you know it, Clay Aiken was there as Sir Robin? It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, like The Best of Monty Python (With Some Really Funny New Stuff Thrown In There). Yuval then took me on a tour of the Washington Square area and Soho because I'd never been to that part of Manhattan before. We ate at a yummy little Mexican place in Soho before hopping back on the bus to Boston.

I was the happiest woman in the world at that moment. So happy was I that I even let his unshaven cheek rest on my shoulder while he napped and I acquired a bit of a face burn from the stubble. Couldn't care less! I slept over at his place again since all my stuff was there anyway, despite the fact it would mean waking up early so he could drive me back home before work.

He dropped me off at my apartment at 8:15am and I proceeded to get ready for work. However, the fatigue and vague head cold I'd been fighting off 'til that point hit me upside the head around 8:40am. Four sick days had accumulated in my name since starting at BU, so I decided to use one, called my boss to let her know, and went back to bed until 1:30pm. I made up for my laziness by doing laundry, washing all our dishes, cleaning/mopping the kitchen and bathroom, and vacuuming the two carpeted things we own. After dinner I became absorbed by Puzzle Quest (which I'm playing for a second time), and before I knew it the time had come to head out to candlepin bowling in Davis Square. Since Kat's birthday was last Wednesday and I completely slept though the celebration (see my previous post, "Make Me Lose Control"), I gave her a box of Thin Mints for a present. As much as I wanted to swing by Yuval's house to say hi after bowling, I knew that he needed R&R time more than a potential booty call from his girlfriend. So homeward bound I went, and passed out upon arrival near my bed.

I woke up filled with excitement for this day for one reason only: the Kenyon College Chamber Singers were performing that night at a church in Brookline and four of them were staying over at our apartment for the night. And yes, I managed to wash my sheets before they came over. ;o) Hurray! The concert was beautiful (as always) and Anthony, Adrienne, and myself broke down sobbing as the choir filed out after singing a gorgeous rendition of "Kokosing Farewell." I'll never NOT cry when hearing that song. Despite severely inclement weather we managed to shuttle the kids back to our apartment thanks to the clown car-like capabilities of Anthony's Corolla. An air mattress bigger than my bed was set up in our living room, and we proceeded to shoot the shit and watch select highlights from the Opera Workshop's Pirates of Penzance DVD. A shower schedule for the morning was worked out, goodnights were bid, and I fell asleep beside the lovely Calista Harder around 1am.

Awoken at 7:41am by my alarm, Calista and I hurled ourselves into getting ready while I silently thanked our luck that we don't have to pay our own water bill for this apartment. Hugs were exchanged with "See you soon" type remarks, and the kids were off around 8:45am to meet the bus back at the church via taxi minivan. I decided I'd try to be early to work for once and left immediately thereafter.

I got to work at the same time I do every day, which just further supports my theory of not leaving the house until 8:50am.


SO. Now we're all caught up to speed, yes? Before I leave you I'd like to share something highly amusing. I found this via the witty Ms. Margaret Willison and decided I should put it out there for all to see. Can you guess the titles of all the illustrious children's books this woman rejected that subsequently went on to become staples of the genre? Dear Clueless: The Rejection Letters of Edna Albertson

Also, this. 1998 was 10 years ago?! Whaaaa?!

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