Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's Still Rock and Roll to Me

Welcome back, me. Sorry for the hiatus. I know the 4 or 5 people who read this are accustomed to my twice weekly updates, but this last week has been...lazy. There's no other excuse. I'm just a lazy kumquat. Also I should tell you that every time I do one of these updates, I first have to consult my Google Calendar to remember what the hell I was doing for the past week. Because that's how well my short-term memory works.

Lost (a common continues to astound me with the quality of its new episodes. Very much looking forward to Sun and Jin's episode tonight, even though I know one of them kicks the bucket in a flashforward (a common parlance term among us Losties these days as we attempt to keep our time traveling narratives straight). Friday night saw me at Tamarind Bay supping with the lovely Kelli Daniels and Elizabeth Tremblay (the latter of whom I hadn't seen since...oh, freshman year of college). The food was yummy, despite the fact that it was a little too spicy for my poor Midwestern, white, utterly wimpy tolerance of all things with a spice rating above "0." I'll be having coffee with another long-lost friend this Sunday: she was my best friend throughout elementary school who moved to Alaska after 5th grade. I haven't seen her in over 10 years. She now lives in Cambridge, works at the coolest tea/coffee shop, and is going to law school at Lewis & Clark in the Northwest in the fall.

I don't know what's more wild, the fact that I haven't seen someone in a decade who I used to spend every waking minute with, or the fact that I'm now old enough to be able to say it's been a decade since I've last seen someone.

After the two-hour meal on Friday night I made my way to Yuval's house in Porter where I proceeded to spend the rest of the entire weekend. Literally. Don't worry, I brought an overnight bag with me, so it's not like I was without a toothbrush or clean underwear for three days. ;o) We attempted to see the Bruins rematch with the Washington Capitals (who ended the Bruins' winning streak with an embarrassing 10-2 game in DC a couple weeks ago), but by the time we got to TD Banknorth the cheapest tickets available were $84. I blamed the fact that we had to get Yuval's oil changed earlier that morning, while he blames my slow-moving ass for not getting out of bed quickly enough. Not really. But regardless, we proceeded back to his house and watched the game on TV (which the Bruins won! Redemption!). After that...I think we watched a movie? No! We listened to the absolutely hilarious Stan Freberg's The United States of America: Volume One, The Early Years. It was without a doubt the funniest, wittiest, and most creative parody of our nation's early years that I've ever heard. There are delightful three-part songs, sharp dialogue exchanges, and a vastly entertaining array of characters (my favorite was the little boy who Ben Franklin hired to create things so Ben could take the credit).

Our stomachs started grumbling, and I suggested that we go to the KFC that's a within a mile from Yuval's house. This was deadly for two reasons: 1) KFC is just as tasty and bad for me as I remember from my last tasting over 7 years ago, and 2) Now Yuval knows there's one close to his house and will start subsisting off a diet of nothing but Dunkin Donuts, Anna's Taqueria, bacon cheesburgers, and KFC. So, basically, the diet of a 24-year old male who has a stupendously high metabolism and plays hockey twice a week. I'm still trying to convince him to get the glasses he has been prescribed to get for years, so I don't think I'd have any influence over what he throws down his esophagus. Oh well.

We got into a couple of heated arguments over the weekend, all of them stemming from our opinions on religion/God/human existence and having nothing to do whatsoever with our relationship. So don't panic. We debated theories about the afterlife, the validity of publishing a work of fiction as a memoir without telling anyone the difference, and what Donnie Darko was really about. The non-Director's Cut version was free on his OnDemand and he'd never seen it, so I suggested we watch it. He really liked it, but proceeded to troll out an opinion/explanation of the movie that I've never encountered in my life. Basically, he thinks that the whole thing was Donnie's "dream" that he had right before the engine lands on him in order to validate his seemingly random and senseless death. Or that it's all something he came up with during his "transition" from life to death. Which I found a strange opinion for many reasons, not the least of which is that Yuval doesn't believe in any kind of afterlife at all. On Monday he emailed me saying "You were right" after he read an interview with Richard Kelly in which he explained that he meant the movie to be an exploration of alternate universes and time travel and such. But that he also said people were welcome to their own explanations. I'm right in my mind, and Yuval's right in his. And two rights together makes us SuperRight!

I told Dad about these intellectual altercations and it went like this:
Dad: "Do you always have to be right?"
Me: "Yes, but so does Yuval! So obviously we're going to butt heads."
Dad: "Erin, sometimes you need to learn to say 'I may not be right all the time, but I don't ever doubt myself.'"
Me: That's real purdy, Daddy!

So I'll be trying out that viewpoint in the coming times. Sometimes I forget how wise my parents are.

Work has been exceedingly pointless this week because it's BU's Spring Break, which staff does not get off, and none of the students or faculty are around. I've spent most of my days thus far reading the latest Wired, keeping up on the daily Metro, and playing Professor Layton and the Curious Village (which is officially even more addicting than Puzzle Quest or Puzzle Pirates...can you tell I have a thing for puzzle games? Ironic because I'm not very good at them). Everyone who has an extra $30 and a DS needs to purchase this game. Penny Arcade did get it right in that it can be downright infuriating at times that none of these puzzle village people--who create puzzles for a living--are any good at solving puzzles, but what can you do? Still super fun and I totally have a crush on Professor Layton.

Tuesday night was a magical night filled with completely free, wonderful things. First, a free huge burrito from the new Chipotle opening up in Harvard Square (with free guac!). Second, a free production of the A.R.T's Julius Caesar, directed by this guy (whose name I can't pronounce and is apparently on loan to us from the French government). I've always found dear Julius to be a rather, well, snoozefest of a play, but when you add things like a live jazz trio, barrel rolls, choreographed stabbing, a real 1960s car suspended headlights down above the stage, a boy running around in Superman pajamas with a gold sequin short cape, and a 35-foot tall photographic mirror-reproduction of the very theater you're sitting in...well, it becomes hard to take your eyes off the stage (if only to see what the hell is going to fly down from the ceiling next). And they ended the show in a very Elizabethan way: the whole cast came out and danced a choreographed number to Nelly Furtado's "Say It Right" before taking their bows. Some of the acting was good, some meh (I was not particularly fond of their Cassius, who had a tendency to be very William Shatner like in his pauses), but they all looked gorgeous in their 60s wardrobe. Seriously, check out the pictures by following the link above. I can't even explain it. In the end, highly inventive and well-done, but not exactly William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.

I ate the free burrito yesterday for lunch. It was num-nums.

Time to get back to tweaking the Classical Studies Department website, which I "finished" last week. I say "finished" because there are always bugs and kinks to work out before a site goes live.


Before I leave, I point you towards the following interesting (and entertaining) things:

>>The TMNT guest-star on an episode of Power Rangers in Space. Circa 1998. The episode's name is "Shell-Shock." Seriously.

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>>Sheriff: Woman sat on toilet seat for 2 years


Traveler72 said...

Hooray tacos? And Donnie Darko? And etc.?

And yeah, I forgot how much fun Adventure Time was until I found it again. Actually, I haven't watched it, because my computer's dead and the library computers have no speakers, but I can remember how fun it was and pretend it's that fun.

Hope life is treating you supa-cool! Ken has your card sitting prominently on his shelf so that it shames him whenever he looks at it because he hasn't written back yet. He WILL.

Traveler72 said...

I don't know your email address unless you still have your kenyon one up, so I'm writing it here and will proceed to go and check for any further ways to email you:

Griffin Horn
Lafrowda Flats F213, Cornwall House, St. German's Road
Exeter EX4 6TJ, Devon, UK

I think that should work. If not, that's all the information you need, and you can just rework it. "Lafrowda flats" through "St. German's Road" is all technically the same line.