Wednesday, April 2, 2008

An Eternal Secret

Not dead! Bet I had you fooled. Forgive the lack of updates: I could exaggerate and say that life has been super busy, but really I'm just interminably lazy. However, you probably already knew that. Also, please vote on my poll! I'm curious as to where your daydreams take you these days.

Let's see, how to sum up the past few weeks? I met Yuval's good friends from work for the first time and a jovial time was had by all. Saw Avenue Q with said boy and got him inescapably hooked on it by giving him the soundtrack (so evil). Skipped out on going to the gym for nearly an entire month and wanted to flog myself as punishment for letting the money go to waste. Avoided the streets on March 16th for fear of getting trampled and/or accosted by drunken Boston revelers of Irish descent (or those who wish they were). Spent my actual St. Patty's evening babysitting Dylan, who has moved--along with the family, of course--to a new place right behind the Caulderwood Pavilion in the South End. I'll get to see the new place on the 12th when I come over to babysit.

I attended an info session for BU's full-time MBA in Public and Non-Profit Management program, which pretty much swayed me to its side in the battle for my future. Hopefully I'll get to sit in on some classes soon! Didn't have my accounting class for two weeks in a row and then spent 5 minutes in the first re-convened class, just long enough to turn in my midterm case study. Saw Shining City by Conor McPherson (who Contemp Brit Drama folks may remember from The Weir) at the Huntington Theatre for free. And finally, Mom came to Boston this past weekend for a visit courtesy of an airfare sale on Delta. During said visit, one of the major points of my relationship with Yuval occurred: I met the parents. I enjoyed them, they seemed to like me, and my mom was completely enamored of them. All in all, I think it went over very well. And the food they made! My God, my taste buds haven't had food like that in...well, ever.

Adrienne and I watched the first three episodes of The West Wing Season 6 last night and now I'm completely addicted all over again. Just the first measure of that opening theme is enough to get my heart swelling with unconditional love for that show and its characters. I own all seven seasons but have never seen past the first two episodes of the sixth season (don't ask me why, for I have no answer). It's good to finally be back in Aaron Sorkin's warm creative embrace.

I've taken on a number of projects/goals since I last posted...

--->NStar's Walk for Children's Hospital Boston: I used to do a walk for Cincy Children's and always had a good time, so I figured it's time to help out the children's hospital in my new city. Every walker has an obligation to raise at least $150, so if you'd like to help me out, please donate on my page! I really, really appreciate it. :o)
--->MSPCA-Angell Walk for Animals: I haven't registered officially for this one yet because it's not until September, but I will! And Yuval's doing it with me, although I think he's going to be there more to play with all the dogs than walk. But that's okay, fundraising is fundraising!
--->Matt & Kelli's wedding site: Just what it says, for two of my friends from high school (who now live in Boston where she's going to BU Law School). Yay web design, and yay weddings!
--->Kickball! Yep, I joined an adult kickball league. My team is "Strangers in the Alps" (if you've ever seen the censored version of The Big Lebowski you'll get the reference) and it consists largely of Yuval and his co-workers. Yay fun and outdoors and drunken kickballing (well, drunk for others, caffeined for me)!
--->Tennis! I haven't officially signed up yet, but I'm comparing two different summer tennis clinics and trying to decide between them. Apparently all I needed was a 4 year break to come running back to the game...

Feud: A Lady Grace Mystery by Lady Grace Cavendish
The Best American Non-Required Reading 2007 edited by Dave Eggers
Whiteout by Greg Rucka
Magazines: Foreign Policy, Wired, National Geographic, Marie Claire, Rolling Stone

The Shining
The Road to El Dorado
Brokeback Mountain
Pitch Black
The Bourne Supremacy
Surf's Up
The West Wing: Season 6
[in part]

This weekend I'm seeing a college lacrosse double-header (Div I Cornell vs. Harvard and Div II Merrimack College vs. Bryant University) in Foxborough before heading back to Boston for a birthday party/fundraiser for one of Yuval's co-worker's who's running the Boston Marathon.

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