Wednesday, April 23, 2008

8th World Wonder

I'm back from Ohio and so thankful for the sunny, warm weather we've been getting in Boston. But like all times past, the weather will turn to wet and chilly over the weekend with highs back down in the 50s. Boo. However, it's 75 and sunny right now and the day couldn't be more beautiful!

Megan's birthday was good, if not a little stressful for her. Much as she would have loved to be fancy-free, she had a massively loaded week awaiting her at the end of the weekend that dampened her joviality. I'm so thankful that part of college is no longer something I have to deal with. She received 3 Jodi Picoult books as a present, though, so at least she's got some good reading material to relax with once today is over.

Speaking of relaxing, a big congratulations to all the Kenyon drama kids who just completed their comps! Rejoice, for you are finished! With drama, at least. But don't worry, English kids, those comps are easily passable as long as you read the Spark Notes on each book. That's how yours truly managed a B+ on her English comps without going insane, which suited me just fine! After all, what do future employers care that I can adequately prepare a discourse on the themes of racism and colonialism in Cambridge and Robinson Crusoe? All they care about is that I can write coherently! So take heart. It really won't make or break your life if you don't get Distinction. I promise.

My allergies are much more under control now that I'm taking Claritin every day. Praise Allah. The Bruins are officially out of the Playoffs now after getting spanked by Montreal on Monday. Yuval is, understandably, disheartened, but I keep telling him there's always next year. The Red Sox are still getting into their groove, and Chad Johnson may be benched for the whole season since he is refusing to accompany the Bengals to training camp. Ah, it must be Spring!

Tonight I'm seeing The Cry of the Reed by Sinan "Huntington Playwright Fellow" Unel. It's about Turkey and whirling dervishes--should be interesting. Tomorrow is my second to last accounting class, which unfortunately is preventing me from playing in my team's first kickball game of the season. Damn you, Academia! Saturday night (as well as the next two Saturday nights after) will see me back in Dylan's hilarious presence. Babies are seriously the most entertaining thing when they're first learning how to walk. They stumble five steps, fall on their butts, and shove the nearest object into their mouths. Fascinating. Like really cute, shaved monkeys!

My aunt had a double mastectomy yesterday to permanently rid herself of a lump in one breast. They found another lump in a lymph node so they took out all the nodes on the right side of her body as a precaution. They won't know until Monday if the cancer has spread to all the other nodes or is just isolated in that one central node. She's a sassy, kind lady who deserves much better than this. Please keep her in your thoughts/prayers!

The platelet donation went well yesterday, and I've decided to become a regular donor (which means I'll be back every two weeks). I don't think I'll ever get used to the all-encompassing tingling feeling that accompanies the anti-coagulant they put in your blood as it re-enters, though. But free candy and pop! Yay!

Bonnie and Clyde
Psych: Season One

Breaking News: A Stunning and Memorable Account of Reporting from Some of the Most Dangerous Places in the World by Martin Fletcher
Hellboy: Strange Places by Mike Mignola
Hellboy: Conquering Worm
by Mike Mignola
Hellboy: The Troll Witch and Others by Mike Mignola

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The Project said...

I may be wrong, but don't the english comps (other than honors) come before Drama comps?