Monday, May 12, 2008

Just A-Sittin' and A-Rockin'

Hola, el mundo. The past week wasn't filled with a whole lot, but it definitely had its ups and downs. A platelet donation on Monday, trivia night on Tuesday, not much on Wednesday, and then came Thursday. I awoke with a stabbing, throbbing pain in my face (specifically behind my eyes) and feeling more than a little sick to my stomach. But since I always feel crappy in the mornings these days thanks to allergies, I went to work anyway after popping a Claritin and some nasal decongestant. I was 30 minutes late, though, because of this firey huge mess of a multiple-car accident on Commonwealth Avenue that closed down the B Line for 3 hours.

But the pain did not lessen as time marched on, it got worse. I found I couldn't look at the computer screen for more than a few minutes before my eyes would water in pain. My head throbbed, and I felt like I was going to throw up any minute. So, listening to my body, I told my boss I had to go home sick and I'd be back the next day. I crawled into bed as soon as I got home and promptly fell asleep for about 6 hours. My head still hurt when I woke up, but not as much. I took copious amounts of Advil and more decongestant, and things started getting better. I was supposed to go to the birthday party of one of Yuval's friends that night, but decided that would be a very bad idea indeed.

Speaking of the boy, I let him know of my condition on the way home from work and woke to discover a text saying he'd come over and make me soup for dinner. And he did: delicious chicken noodle soup. Then he went off to the party, I watched Lost, and then once again I passed out for the night. I was completely fine on Friday.

Friday night Yuval and I went to go see a community theater production of Godspell that one of his good friends assistant choreographed. Wow. I mean, I know the running joke is that community theater musicals are generally awful, but I never expected something that bad. It was painful to sit through, and Jesus couldn't die fast enough for us. Once the final curtain fell, we congratulated Elaine on a job well done (the choreography was the only thing that was done well!) and then got the hell out of Dodge. Yuval apologized for dragging me to the show, but I told him it was good because it taught me that I'll never be that desperate to get involved in just any show, ever.

As always, Saturday was a lazy day. I got more driving practice in and managed to drive us all around Lexington and back to Boston with out any major scary mishaps. And there was delicious sushi at Daikanyama to be had as a reward. I did stall like 6 times. But I'm learning! Then it was off to Joe Sent Me for Meaghan's birthday party. She and Yuval (and Tim) have been friends since high school and I play trivia with them on Tuesdays. It was fun, but because I have the internal clock of a 75-year old I was wiped out by midnight. Yuval walked me back to his place and then headed back to the bar. I showered and collapsed in bed by 12:45am. I'm the lamest of lame, I know.

Sunday brought a call to Mom on her special holiday and a delightful discovery. We were taking the T back to my place around 2pm. But as we stepped out of the Harvard T station in the Square to meet the 66 bus, there bloomed a festival all around us! Apparently it was Mayfair, so we took our time in wandering around and eating way more food than we should have physically been able. We munched on Italian sausages, chicken tikka masala, naan, fudge, handmade ice cream, and fried dough. We followed cute dogs (and their owners) around the Square, admired the goods for sale, and even made a side journey to Million Year Picnic so I could get some new comics. A truly happy accident, indeed.

Then it was back to my place where Yuval promptly passed the fuck out, which left me time to do my laundry, the dishes, clean the bathroom, and go to CVS without boring the tar out of him. Once Sleeping Beauty awoke, we journeyed to Shaw's so I could get some much needed provisions for the apartment and he could get lunch for Monday. Carrying those bags is much easier when there's two of you, that's for sure. When we got home he made Turkish coffee, I made a Funfetti cake, and we watched an episode of The West Wing. Bed followed soon after, and now here we are.

It's a Monday in the middle of May and it's 48 degrees and rainy. Seriously, Boston?

Baby Mama
The West Wing -- Season 6

Tunnels by Roderick Gordon

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Cori said...

It's 56 and barely sunny here. Been raining a lot and being unseasonably cold. Blame it on global warming :(