Friday, May 2, 2008

I Can't Get Started

Before I forget, I don't think I've announced the sad news that I won't be coming to Kenyon's graduation this year after all. Since Skybus went bankrupt, and my flight was with them, I've lost my mode of transportation. All other flights are at minimum $215, which I just can't spare. So to all you Kenyon folks who were perhaps looking forward to my visit, I'm sorry. You'll be stellar. Please post pics on Facebook ASAP after the ceremony. I want to see all of you in your caps!

Last night, when I debarked from the T around 9:30pm, there was a Chewbacca standing outside the Uno's next to my apartment. I mean a huge, tall man wearing a Chewbacca costume that must have been stolen from Lucas's secret vaults, because I felt like I had crossed over into another universe. Or inhaled some cocaine without meaning to. In any case, I fully expected to run into Han and Leia when I rounded the corner. Perhaps they were just stopping by for a late dinner on their way to visit Jacen and Jaina at the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4?

...Sorry, that was probably way too geeky for most of you to get. Let's just say I read some Star Wars books and leave it at that, okay?

ANYWAY! What have I been up to? Well, on Monday I won the second game at my weekly candlepin bowling outing with Garret, Kat, and co. Tuesday I got a free cardiac health screening courtesy of the HR folks at BU. When all the tests were done, they calculated that I have a <1% change of having a heart attack or stroke in the next ten years. Most reassuring news, indeed! Afterwards I hurried home to shower and then rushed out to meet Yuval, Tim, and Meghan (friends of Yuval's with whom I have the distinct pleasure to mingle at Trivia Nights) at the Berklee College of Music to see the school's Jazz Concert Orchestra perform. It was amazing! About half the songs they did were original compositions by current/graduated Berklee students, and the other half were jazz pieces I have ne'er heard before (not surprising considering my limited exposure to the stuff). An enchanting time.

Tuesday was also Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's, but I was unable to get to one of their three Boston locations to participate. Bummer.

Wednesday night I watched some of BU's finest College of Fine Arts theatre students put on a production of Naomi Wallace's One Flea Spare for free (yay free tickets for BU staff!). Some of you may recall that play as a senior thesis done our sophomore year (I think)? I really enjoyed the show. The set was very creative and stunning--it was an in-the-round space and the performance area was completely surrounded, top to bottom, with tangled and woven rope of the kind you see on ships. The space inside was bare but for two chairs, a tin model of a ship, a vase, and a bird cage with bits of feather strewn about it. There was also a constant reminiscence of the sea through the transitional sounds between scenes: ropes tightening, wind howling, wood creaking. Kabe prowled along the rope fence who prowls. The accents were as near to flawless as I've ever heard, to boot. The only actor I didn't thoroughly enjoy was the young man playing Mr. Snelgrave: there was a lot of shouting and gesturing and very little variance on the emphasis he used from sentence to sentence. Sometimes the girl playing Morse seemed a little too much like she was trying to be poetic with the poetry of Wallace's words, so it came off as a little girl speaking in a way that was much too old for her. Overall, though, a job very well done. Especially on the parts of Darcy Snelgrave and Bunce.

Last night was the final meeting of my accounting class. I turned in my second case study paper (our final), and realized I'm actually going to miss Mike McGinty and his meandering stories and fun approach to boring things. I've definitely learned a lot, though don't go about pestering me for accounting advice just yet. I don't know that much.

After class I popped back into my office to pick up the shoes that Mom had bought on sale for me and shipped to me. They were super cute (cobalt blue patent leather, peep toe, 4-inch heels) but I have no idea when I would've worn them since I don't go to many fancy functions or parties. I hopped on the T and made my way to the Macy's at Downtown Crossing (the shopping mecca of Boston proper) to return them for store credit. With the (very) modest sum--my Mom is a shopper, after all--I got back in the form of an in-store gift card, I managed to purchase both a ridiculously flattering black tulip-hemmed, knee-length skirt and an eyebrow pencil from Clinique that I've been wanting for months. The purchasing of the skirt led me to the friendliest encounter I've ever had with a department store salesperson. Sophia thought I was handing her a newly-opened Macy's account card (which gives 20% off all purchases for the first 2 days) to buy my skirt. When she saw it was just an exchange card, she smiled and said she was going to give me the 20% off anyway! What?! A salesperson saving me money?! I was delighted, and even more so when the original price turned out to be $10 less than I thought it was going to be. I was happy with my experience I actually went online as soon as I got home so I could fill out an online customer service form expressing how pleased I was with my "Macy's experience."

Thank you clearance rack, Sophia, and Mom! I no longer feel the urge to shop for new Spring clothes online.

Tonight I'm having dinner with Yuval and a friend of his from work and his fiancee at the Cambridge Brewing Company. Should be a fabulous time.

Confessions of a Teen Sleuth: A Parody by Chelsea Cain
Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis

p.s. I got a fish! He's a bright orange betta fish (Siamese fighting fish) named Moxie. He's doing well despite the crazy temperature changes he has to endure since I don't control the heat in my apartment. I leave a desk lamp on right over his tank during the day to keep the water warm, but fish need nighttime just like people so his water drops to a chilly 66 degrees overnight. Last night I left the light on and covered in with a dark pillowcase so it wouldn't keep me awake. He may not have gotten nighttime, but he stayed warm, and I think that's more important. I hope.


The Project said...

Erin, referencing star wars books is too geeky for me...and I sit in a basement some weekends pretending to be an elf.

Fo' shaaaaaaaaaame...(though I'm not sure which one of us should be shamed).

Cherubino/Carmen said...

Haha! Too bad I missed Chewbacca man.

Did you see my esteemed coworker Joe Pino on Berklee jazz night?