Tuesday, June 17, 2008

S.O.S (Rescue Me)

Flocke (Germany's newest baby polar bear!) discovers her image in a mirror. SO CUTE! I can haz 1 plz?

I did it again. I slept for 15 hours last night. The lack of sleep over the weekend made Monday a particularly rough day, and I decided that--rather than go to tennis--I would go straight home from work and nap immediately to make up for lost sleep time. Clearly, I accomplished that goal. My head hurt upon waking, but I think that was because of allergies and lack of food as I ate and took three Advil and feel fine now. My nose is stuffy, but that's to be expected on these high pollen count days.

So, this past weekend. Reunion at Nate's family farm in Huntsburg, OH. One word: Bangin'.

At one point Anthony said something about how he didn't feel super special happy to be there, but rather that it just felt natural. Like this is the way things are supposed to be. I agree with him, although I was definitely on a happy-high for the entire weekend. The 10+ hour drive wasn't so bad with Anthony and I switching off, and on the way there we stopped over at his parents' house in Binghamton for delicious tomato basil soup, mixed green salad with strawberries, and grilled cheese sandwiches made with Munster and one other special cheese and thin apple slices in the middle. Then there were the brownies with Ghiradelli chocolate frosting, dried cherries, and chocolate chips in them. SO GOOD!

We spent the weekend playing Rock Band/Smash Brothers Brawl, eating, swimming in the pond, visiting the farm animals (where I got mauled by goats while trying to feed them), going to a drive-in for Kung Fu Panda, and (of course) drinking and talking late into the night. At the high point we had about 15 people there and it was so good to see everyone again that I nearly combusted from nostalgia. These reunions should definitely be a yearly thing! For Nate's parents' sake, though, I'm trying to think of other places we could do this so the burden of dealing with 15 crazy twentysomethings doesn't always fall on them. Anyone got any suggestions?

I'm doing my first platelet donation in over a month today. The guilt finally became too much to handle--I've missed my last two appointments. But I'm getting back on the Good Deed Train! Tonight is also Trivia Night, although it'll probably be another round of "Speed Trivia" since the Celtics are playing and the bar wants to pack in the patrons for that.

The weather's beautiful. My sister's starting her first summer as a camp counselor at the Episcopal camp that was the highlight of our Jr. High/High School years. Yuval and I are going to see my family in Cincinnati in August. The Celtics are up. And I just spent a weekend with a lot of my precious people.

Yeah, life is pretty good. Skidoosh!

The New Policeman by Kate Thompson

Kung Fu Panda

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