Friday, June 6, 2008

Wild Mountainside

Time for the end-of-the-week-cute-animal feature. This time it goes to Inukshuk, an orphaned baby polar bear. His story goes like this:

"Animal Planet ran a special on a baby polar bear named Inukshuk, who was orphaned at just 10 weeks old when his mother was shot by hunters in Ontario. He was rescued by a police officer and sent to a zoo in Toronto, where he was raised by zookeepers until he was old enough to be placed in his permanent home in a habitat in another Canadian zoo, where he currently lives with two other orphaned polar bears. In the clip, Inukshuk bonds with his zookeeper, who is torn about becoming too attached to the baby bear because he will eventually leave her. Having never been around any polar bears since he was an infant, he has begun to take on some human attributes…like talking!

Here are photos of when Inukshuk spent the night in the police station with the officer who rescued him. Confused and upset, he cried until the policeman sat and cuddled with him until he fell asleep."

How much do you (and I) want to be that cop in these pictures? You should definitely follow the link to watch the video clip: it's nothing short of criminal how cute this little 100 pound guy is.

The Red Sox game I went to on Tuesday turned out to be pretty exciting for a couple reasons. 1) Somehow the Tampa Bay Rays, laughing stock of the AL, were ranked #1 in the AL at the time of the game. 2) During the 6th inning, a man dressed as in Celtics jersey jumped from the seats onto the right outfield, sprinted the couple hundred yards across the entire outfield, dodged 3 security marshals (one of whom took a flying face dive in an attempt to catch the running man's knees), and dove into the stands by left field. The 3 marshals dove on top of him at that point, but he'd already completed his historic run across the outfield. Strangely enough, the Red Sox (who were on the field at the time) just stood around watching all this like they were super bored and this happened every day. I swear if any of them had been wearing watches, they would have been glancing at them. Good times!

And of course, now the Sox are back up to #1, where they should be, after trouncing the Rays.

In a very exciting turn of events, Ms. Deanna Lesht graced Boston with her presence this week for the annual City Year convention. Adrienne, Mags, and I got to hang out with her for a couple hours before she had to return to her fascist dictators by midnight. It was so wonderful having all of F-6 back together again, even if it was only for a short time. And (hopefully) Dena will be moving up to Boston this summer! Note to all other '07 (and '08) Kenyon grads: Boston is clearly the post-graduation place to be. I'm just sayin', we've got the numbers to prove it.

Tennis is more fun than I remembered (my volleys are the best in the class!), and I'm going through serious Thursday-night withdrawals now that Lost is done for the season. Sad times. But! There is this show starting on June 24th, which--while certainly in an entirely different universe than Lost--will definitely keep me entertained for however long it's on. Seriously. I've always wondered how Americans would fare in a crazy Japanese game show...and now I'll find out! Thank you, ABC, for creating something to fill the void you're airwaves left behind when they left The Island. Who else will be watching I Survived A Japanese Game Show? I know you will!

NSTAR's Walk for Children's Hospital Boston is this Sunday, June 8. I'll be huffing and puffing through 7 miles for charity in 95 degree weather, so wish me luck! And hydration! If you haven't donated to support me, and you want to, follow the banner at the side or click here. Thanks in advance for your support!

TGIF, dudes. For serious.

Special Topics in Calamity Physics by Marisha Pessl
The Diamond of Drury Lane by Julia Golding
Marvel 1602 by Neil Gaiman

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The Project said...

So Cute! 100 lbs? Kinda scary....

Just sayin, though---Chicago kinda trounces Boston for numbers of Kenyon people...though I guess we have an unfair advantage just because its so much of a bigger city...just like NYC absolutely demolishes us.

LA still sucks though. Apologies to Basile, though I think he'd rather be in New York anyway, so he probably doesn't care.

None of that matters, because in NOT TOO LONG, everyone who matters will be in a small town near Cleveland, seeing each other!

Can't wait---hope all is well, see you soon!