Thursday, July 10, 2008

Put On Your Sunday Clothes

I'm listening to Fresh Air on WBUR (Boston's NPR) right now and have developed a huge crush on the guest. Andrew Stanton, director and writer of WALL-E, is a super cute geek who really loves what he does. Also, it makes me want to see the film again--not that I didn't already. I say all this whilst stealing loving glances at the plush Wall-E on my desk (thanks, Yuv). Obsessed, me? Maybe a little.

I hope everyone had a fun and happy and safe Fourth of July. Having a day off from work at the end of the week pretty much ensured that I would enjoy my day no matter what. I slept late; met up with Margaret, Adrienne, Dena, Danielle, and Bruce; and followed them to a delightful spot on the bank of the Charles where they would have a magnificent view of the fireworks. After reveling in their company for a couple hours, I bid goodbye and made way across town to Newton for a celebration with members of my kickball team. Once it started getting dark, some of us decided to take up another team-member's offer of a roof party to watch the fireworks. We made our way to what turned out--to my great surprise--to be Beacon Hill (which, for those non-Bostonians, is a ritzy brownstone part of town where many politicians live). We had a great view of the fireworks, but alas there was no wind to disperse the giant pillar of smoke that resulted from the colorful explosions. The finale ended up looking like a big light-up cloud with very few fireworks actually visible. Still a fun time, though!

Saturday was mostly spent with Yuval and his family: a brunch and dinner. In between, while he was out bike shopping with his family, I went home to nap and clean in preparation for a visit from my aunt and uncle. Dinner was followed by a viewing of The Prestige, which I forgot how much I enjoyed. It kicks The Illusionist's ass, regardless of the latter's inclusion of one of my actor-crushes, Edward Norton. However, on the way home, Yuval and I got into quite the argument over our interpretations of the two main characters (Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale). That part of the evening wasn't so fun, but it was only a bump in an otherwise very fun day.

My aunt and uncle (one of my mom's older brothers) were in Boston over the weekend and I spent most of Sunday with them. I took them to see one of my favorite Boston sites, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, followed by dinner at Upstairs on the Square and ice cream at Herrell's. A wonderful and delicious time, and I managed to navigate us all around Boston by car without once getting lost! A big achievement considering I don't know that much about the roads here since I don't drive.

I went to the dentist for the first time in Boston on Monday, and there was good news and bad news. Good news: my hygiene is excellent, and I got compliments on my good-looking teeth. Bad news: I have two cavities developing between my lower molars. They're not actually cavities yet, since they aren't even halfway through the enamel. But it looks like I'll eventually have to get them filled, ending my lifelong streak of never having any cavities. Damn. One of the problems is that, since it's been a while since I had braces/a retainer, my teeth have spaced out slightly, which makes it very easy for food to get caught and my gums to get infected or sore. That's where the pseudo-cavities are. So my dentist recommended an electric toothbrush, a prescription mouthwash with super-fluoride, some Super Floss, and a consultation with an orthodontist to discuss some retainer-like options for my teeth. I have an arsenal of mouth-care now, so prepare to be squashed, plaque!

Tonight is the first game of the new kickball season. Most of the members of our old team are back for this one, known as The Green Team. Very excited, though it's frustrating because there's a Farmer's Market near my apartment that I'd love to go to but it's only on Thursdays and I have no time between work and kickball. Hard knock of life, y'all.

This weekend is when I reveal Yuval's long-awaited Birthday Surprise by kidnapping him. Sort of. I mean, I'm taking him somewhere, but not blindfolding him for the journey. Much.

Also, Nate's coming to visit Boston on Monday. Yay! But I can't see David Flaherty tomorrow for lunch. Boo! Them's the breaks, I guess.

Crossing Midnight Vol. 2: A Map of Midnight by Mike Carey
Fables Vol. 10: The Good Prince by Bill Willingham

The Secret Life of Alex Mack (Season 1)
Mulholland Drive
The Prestige

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