Friday, November 16, 2007

How Far We've Come

So tired. I really have fallen out of shape if my body gets this tired after the relatively light workouts I've put it through. Damn. In other news, more hilarity ensues in the wake of the "Hannah Montana" ticket shortage: Man Hangs On For 12 Hours To Win Tix. Makes me wonder what would have happened to the man had he come home to face his 7-year old daughter without the tickets...

Adrienne and I saw the press opening of Streamers by David Rabe at the Huntington on Wednesday. Set at a VA army base during the beginnings of the conflict in Vietnam, I wasn't expecting it to be funny at all. However, aside from the last 30 minutes, I was laughing pretty consistently throughout the show. There wasn't really a through-line (except perhaps that all the characters were looking to "be saved"), but that was more the fault of the script than the production. It was directed by Scott Ellis, who's kind of a big deal director, and starred some very talented (and good looking) young men. And there was delicious naked man ass at two different points! Nothing's funnier than man ass.

Some of my favorite lines?
"They make me sad, but I love them, kind of."
"Purchase some cool, man!"

Also, not like I wasn't going to go see it anyway, this makes me happy. I didn't set my standards high for 300 and was given exactly what I expected (which was epic awesomeness). I expect the same thing from you, Beowulf! Plus a super hot Angelina Jolie. Not like that's hard to deliver, though. Haha, "hard". Yeah, I just made that joke. ;o) Speaking of films, Monsieur Fischer came over last night for dindins and a viewing of Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet. I was on the phone with CitiBank for most of it, attempting to lower my monthly student loan payments, and then took a shower, but I did get to see the "drag Kate Winslet around the room" scene. Super hot. Although all I could think of was the play I saw back in September, The Secret Love Letters of Ophelia, and how (in that play) the whole "get thee to a nunnery" thing was just a ploy on the lovers' parts to fool Polonius and the gang. Kind of changes your perspective on the story.

Tonight's adventures consist of (hopefully) a brief treadmill workout at the gym, a quick trip home, a shower, and then babysitting Dylan for a few hours. Tomorrow promises to be much the same thing, with the additions of picking up the first season of the new Doctor Who series from the library and a massage at a student clinic. Perhaps they can fix my back. Hurray good things!

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