Sunday, November 11, 2007

I've Got The World On A String

MRAAAWWHG. I'm awake! I'm awake! After coming out of a deep hibernation, showering, feeding, and caffeine-ating myself I'm finally ready to tell my tale.

How I Learned To Drive was stunning. I will confess I was immensely worried about how a bunch of college students were going to pull off such a difficult, age-dependent play and strike the exact tone Vogel was going for. But Anna and Stew did wonderfully, and Knud really outdid himself. It was fun to be in the Green Room once again and I surprised a very great many people with my presence. The surprise was made even better because many did not recognize me what with my glasses and past-shoulder-length hair (down, as it is most of the time these days). The cast party was fun just for the sheer number of people it allowed me to see--though there were hordes of (I assume) drunk freshmen that came in raiding parties and would crowd the place for 10 minute intervals before moving on to decimate other villages. As I was supposed to drive to the airport in the early morn I did not consume a drop of alcohol but rather sat by sipping my ice-cold Cherry Coke. Yum. Plus, I don't really drink anymore these days. It hurts my tummy.

Spent much time conversing with Cait, P Fine, Dan, and Linda. Knud and Stew were beyond blasted and had much difficulty staying upright without the aid of others. It was amusing to watch Knud profess his love for just about everyone at the party and kiss the faces and necks of several of them whilst sliding further towards a more horizontal position. Discovered that Dew Schad has relapsed into his full-blown alcoholism (he had two 40's and half a case of beer by himself Saturday night); makes me immensely sad because, while he fully admits that he has a problem, he does not seem to think it's troubling enough to warrant any kind of help. It makes me so upset to see such good people doing such horrible things to their bodies.

I arrived back at C300 around 3am, changed, packed, and fooled around on the internet until 4am. Then Adrienne and I headed back to the Columbus airport to return the car (which turned out to be twice as expensive as I thought because I'd calculated the reservation for only 5 1/2 hours instead of 29 1/2 hours). Got to my terminal, got on the plane (a row to myself), arrived in Portsmouth at 8:45am, took the 9:15 bus back to South Station in Boston, got on the T, and arrived home around 11:15am. I unpacked, plugged in all my electronic devices to charge, changed, and collapsed in bed after being awake for 26 straight hours. Woke up at 8:23pm and proceeded to shower and fix myself some pasta. And now I'm browsing New York and Company's 60% off sale online.

My audition for "Rumors" was at 7, so I completely missed it because I forgot to set my alarm. Freaked out at first, then figured why stress over what you can't change. It was a production with one of the oldest community theatres in the US (over 150 years), and, though nothing to sneeze at, wasn't like missing an audition for the Boston Actors Theatre--which I coincidentally just scheduled an audition with on December 7th for their production of Mary Zimmerman's "Metamorphoses." Didn't see the show at Kenyon--I know, a tragedy--but I'm excited about it nonetheless.

I've been listening to a lot of Frank Sinatra lately (love him 'til the end of time) and have decided that I want my wedding song to be "Fly Me To The Moon." Every girl thinks about her wedding song starting in high school, so don't freak out and think I'm looking to get hitched, boys. ;o) I used to be adament about having "Kissing You" from Romeo + Juliet be my song, but I like the idea of "Fly Me To The Moon" slightly more because it's much happier in tone.

So, so, SO happy tomorrow is a holida that I get (paid) off from work. My new J. Crew khakis to replace my old threadbare ones should be arriving tomorrow as well, perhaps along with my Victoria's Secret and NY & Co. orders. Hurray new things to replace old ones!


Traveller72 said...


And yes, I do think God plays jokes on people sometimes. You gotta love Him!

Wendy was telling me about this comedy show on in England, and one of the sketches was Jesus preaching, except he'd keep saying things like, "Oh yeah, kill people, that's REALLY a good idea." And the apostles had to keep saying "he's being sarcastic" to the crowd. It was apparently funny.

Traveller72 said...

Oh, and categories:

Firefly character: Zoe Washburne

Greek God: Psyche? (I don't know my pantheons well)

Ronin Warrior: Lady Kayura (double-sai'd mofo who's The Ancient's successor, enslaved by Talpa. Ryo destroys the amulet enslaving her and frees her, so she goes and kicks as for good guys), or, if you want one of the original five, I'd say, Cye, because I'm personally dubbing myself Rowan. Meh.

Handheld Technology: Nintendo DS

Apostle: John

Soup: Potato Leek

Creed (the kind of hunters from Hunter: The Reckoning): Redeemer ("let me pick out which monsters are worth saving. ... Okay, now let's slaughter the rest.")

Pasta: Tortellini

Mage: Celestial Chorus

Christian Apologetic: Thomas Merton

Traveller72 said...

Okay, so this is like three comments and I'm sorry, but I forgot this:

School of Psychological Thought: Transpersonal Psychology

The Project said...

Nothing is cooler than the Batmobile.

Basically: imagine yourself standing next to any object.

Then replace that object with the Batmobile.

It's automatically cooler.

I mean...Vigo may get a few points...but really, if you stalk people in Holywood for long enough, you'll see him.

How often are you going to see the Batmobile.

Batmobile for President in '08.

Or maybe the Cthulhu/Batmobile ticket---I think Chtulhu could have the Batmobile as his VP. It works on some bizarre level.

Nate said...

Glad to hear you're havin' an awesome time! Kari will be pleased to get something in the mail from you-- I think she's a little sad you guys haven't been directly talking! But she keeps up with your blog, so she knows what the deal is, so to speak.

And please, try to come see us! We'd love to have you in our little apartment, and there's plenty of room for you to crash. We'll be home Friday through Sunday of the week of Thanksgiving-- We work Monday and Tuesday, and we'll be gone to Mt. Vernon (for a totally non-Kenyon reason, oddly enough) on Wednesday and we'll be with Kari's folks for Thanksgiving itself.

We'll also be home for the better part of Christmas Break, I think, which for us is about the 15th through... the 3rd, maybe? I dunno. It's about three weeks.