Wednesday, November 28, 2007

That Don't Impress Me Much

Ow. My whole body hurts. I decided it would be a good idea to kick my own ass, apparently. Monday eve saw me in a rush to return almost-overdue DVDs and books to the library, which consequently caused me to be 30 minutes early to my class at the gym. Not wanting to sit around on a locker room bench, I decided running on the treadmill for 20 minutes wouldn't hurt as the dance classes tend not to be very aerobic. Except for this one. The teacher was a sub who is a real dance instructor and likes to add random squats and kicks to every move. I then went bowling after this 2 hour workout. And then went to another class last night. I think I'm taking a break today and immersing myself in a hot bath instead...

Here's my response to Ryan's resurrection of the Disney hero/villain/sidekick game. For those who were not a part of the game's creation at Cedar Point one sunny day my sophomore year, the rules are simple: pick the hero who you think exemplifies your best qualities, a villain who exemplifies your biggest flaw, and a sidekick who exemplifies your minor/supportive characteristics.
Hero: Meg (Hercules)
Villain: Madame Mim (The Sword in the Stone)
Sidekick: Flounder (The Little Mermaid)

Finally got Battlestar Galactica: Season One from the library after waiting two months! But I can't renew it beyond it's week-long checkout period because there are 18 other holds on it. Everyone wants some Captain Adama love, apparently. Went over to Anton's last night and experienced the hilarity that is Donkey Konga--the bongo drum equivalent to Guitar Hero. On the work office front, I received my first invitation to a real office party: the annual BU Holiday Party (which takes place during work hours and apparently includes an open bar, food, and door prizes). I think I'm going to like office parties. Oh! And I'm officially signed up for "Financial & Managerial Accounting" at BU's Metropolitan College every Thursday night from 6-9pm. This is the prerequisite to the Fundraising Management graduate certificate program that I want to apply to. Wish me luck: numbers aren't my strong suite. I got a B+ in AP Calculus BC, but that was five years ago. The closest thing I've had to math in recent years was Intro to Microeconomics--and that wasn't math so much as hearing about what a great movie A Beautiful Mind is.

And now, some things to entertain you:
Norman Mailer Wins Bad Sex Award
Man Tries to Deposit Fake $1 Million Bill
My latest photo album on Facebook

Also, I've made a profile on and it's partner,, in hopes that I'll just find some nice guys to eat dinner with once in a while. There are some potential hopefuls--based entirely on their witty profiles. But we'll see how long I can stand having 29-year old bank tellers named "handsmguy89" wink at me...

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Traveler72 said...

PERSONAL SITES! They can be so addictive but so unbearably dumb at the same time. Like CSI.

I sent you a copy of Asphodel, btw. You probably know that though.

Ryan's Disney Character game intrigues me...perhaps I shall think on it...

I hope life is going well!