Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Somewhere In Between

Before anything, please go read this news article and be as highly amused as I was. Nothing scarier than a bunch of rabid Hannah Montana fans with the backing of actual licensed lawyers. When I told my mom, who is a licensed lawyer in Utah and Texas, she replied, "I hate lawyers."

I think I'm sufficiently recovered from this past weekend's adventures. Monday was spent doing such exciting things as laundry, dishes, Swiffering the floors, and going through all the papers that have amassed armies of clutter in my room. After a yummy dinner of Annie's macaroni & cheese and salad and the final episode of Scrubs season one, Adrienne flew off to Chorus Pro Musica rehearsal whilst I hopped on the 66 towards Harvard. I met up with Kat and Garrett at The Burren, a cozy Irish bar in Davis Square with actual Irish people behind the bar. There was grandma-looking lady who briefly sat at the same long table as us and proceeded to Irish step-dance while remaining seated. She worked there (in what capacity I have no idea), had a flexible cast on her right arm, and was generally a very intersting character.

After an hour at The Burren it was time for our new Monday night ritual: candlepin bowling at Sacco's! I didn't do as well as last week but still managed to rally towards the end of each game. I ended my run having won 1st and 2nd place in each repsective string. I pooped out before the third game commenced, though, as it was already 11pm and it takes me almost an hour to get home from there. It's always fun to see who else Kat and Garrett will drag along, and this time there was a new face in the form of Mike, one of Garrett's cute techie theatre friends from Emerson. Being me, of course, I convinced myself he probably already has a girlfriend so I didn't get my hopes up unreasonably high that perhaps, here, was the date I'd been looking around for. We'll see if he's there next week...

Re-discovered Linkin Park and Lifehouse this weekend. I haven't really listened to either of them since high school and now I'm reminded why I love(d) them so much. It's all very nostalgic while also being an interesting experiment in aural history; fun to see how these songs apply to my life now and compare them to how they affected me up to eight years ago (yeah, freshman year really was that long ago).

Went to a gym tonight and ended up joining. It's pretty much the coolest gym I could think of for someone like me: Fitness Unlimited in Brookline Village. It's a short 66 ride away (really, I could walk there if I wanted to double my exercise) and it's exclusively for women. That's right, guys, none of your drooling neandrathal compatriotes are there to drool at us as we sweat our way to a fitter existence! Except for the male class instructors, but whatever! It's small without being cramped, has enough machines for everyone, and (most importantly) has amazing classes and lots of them. I tried out the Bellydance class tonight and had so much fun--though my body will hate me in the morning--and will definitely make that class a regular. I'm so excited to have an exercise plan back in my routine: I've really missed the KAC. AND it's only $39.95 a month after a $125 sign-up fee, which is only slightly more expensive than the BU gym where I'd get a staff discount (but they have NO classes that aren't PE classes). Hurray!

Also had my new patient physical at my new doctor's office this afternoon. Though it doesn't freak me out as much as it used to, I still find the whole "physical exam" situation rather comical:

Female Patient: "Hello, strange man with an MD. Please examine my body."
Male Doctor: "Okie-dokie. Just strip down, put on this gown that opens in the back, and I'm going to feel your boobs and poke you with a stethescope."
Female Patient: "No problem! Grope away!"
Male Doctor: "Hmm...no lumps here. All done! You're fit as a fiddle. I'll see you again in six months, just enough time for me to forget who you are. The next time we do this, it'll be just like we're strangers all over again!"
Female Patient: "Neat-o! Thanks a lot, Doc. Please, let me get dressed so you can take my money in the form of a check."

Now, if that's what Grey's Anatomy was like, I'd totally watch it.


Wiry said...

Women only gym, eh? Well, then, I'll just go and join a MEN'S only gym. I hear they have great baths and "special" massages, whatever that means. So HA!

I'd be up for iceskating (and for free) if I'm in, but there's a good chance I'll be at Kenyon that weekend for Ryan's thesis reading. I've checked out Skybus and I can get there for 95 round trip (leaving late Friday, back early Sunday), AND it looks like the airport has free parking so I may just drive my car to the 'port. But, I wish I could stay at Kenyon longer than late late Friday till early early Sunday (i.e. come back Sunday afternoon) but unless I get some grand parental grant that allows me some more freedom to choose, that's how it's gotta go. Anyway, I guess this is to say that I'd be happy to, but if I'm at Kenyon that weekend I'll either be really tired from an early flight on Sunday or (potentially) not back yet.

Wiry said...

Almost forgot - any Skybus tips or hints would be muchly welcome!

Wiry said...

Okay and so I didn't read your poll before posting my comments, so I have to say: read Tin Princess! I'm about to start into it myself once it gets into the library.

And... if you don't mind my asking... Maldoror? Why? Hahaha. It seems so far from your alley, I'm quite surprised. I read it (and still have a copy, though notated) from Dada & Surrealism. It's a freaky, disturbing, dense book.

Traveller72 said...

Okay I have yet to read your post as it is a sufficiently texty one and I have to run off to dinner, but I wanted to reply to your comment:

But I DO like old cathedrals and I imagine I'd like Alice in Wonderland.

Nate said...

I'm not quite sure how you can live knowing The Tin Princess exists and you have not yet read it.

Also, Kari was very happy to receive your note in the mail. :)

Cherubino/Carmen said...

The CpM Xmas concert is December 21st at 8 in the PM. I think you will def. be all about it. My parents are going, too.

RM said...

So, I wanted to vote on your thing, but there wasn't a "The Bible, and then burned every other piece of book as heretical garbage option."
So I thought I'd just pencil it in here.
Also, I saw that you asked Griffin something about Alice in Wonderland.


Wiry said...

Oh, yes. Worth the price of a student rush ticket, certainly, which was 15 bucks, though I'm not sure whether Jillian got a special extra discount or no. It only plays till Sunday, I think, though.

Incidentally, you should start using gmail chat. It's pretty swank.

Traveller72 said...

Re: Your Comments on Jurassic Park.

Yeah, but try telling Ken that.

And thanks for the assurance to beat people up. I should carry a musket with me and tell people it's my right to bear arms.