Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Always Somethin' There To Remind Me

This makes me sad/happy. This makes me angry. This makes me laugh uproariously. This makes me wonder if it's for realz.

This is my Christmas Wish List, in order of preference. I shall not, nor do I expect to, get all of these things, but here they are:
1) "Avatar The Last Airbender: The Complete Book 2 Collection (Earth)"
2) "The Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass" for Nintendo DS
3) GAP Curvy Boot Cut Jeans, medium or dark wash
4) Season 7 of "The West Wing"
5) $59 for a one-month Charlie Card Link Pass
6) Spa day (mani, pedi, massage, facial) or combination of treatments
7) Matchbox 20: "Exile On Mainstream"
8) $110 for roundtrip Greyhound ticket to Raleigh, NC

I've got my date tonight with Ben. And of course, because Fate loves a practical joke, I started developing a cold sore yesterday. Thanks to my ever-handy tube of Herpecin-L lip balm it's not huge (yet), but the fact that it chose now of all times to recur really irks me. That's what I get for sharing my juice boxes in kindergarten, though (which is about when I got my first cold sore). Interestingly, studies have concluded that anywhere from 50-80% of the US population has Herpes Simplex I (the kind that causes cold sores) at any given time. So at least I'm not alone. But still! 'Cuz you know nothing says "love me!" like herpes on your face.


AHAHA! One of the student workers I supervise just brought in the mail that was mis-sorted into our stuff. We received something for someone in the Theology department: the latest issue of Affirmation & Critique: A Journal of Christian Thought. This baby has some gems for article titles, my favorite being "Receiving the Economical Revelation of the Triune God as the Word of God to Become the Economical Manifestation of the Triune God as the Testimony of Jesus". A close runner-up was "The Principle of the Man-Child."

An addendum that may or may not make the above slightly more humorous: the man who it was addressed to died a year ago.

ANYWAY. Went to the doctor yesterday to see what he had to say about my never-ending cold and found out I have a viral sinus infection. Yippy. I got some cortisone nose spray and have been instructed to buy CVS-brand Aphrin 12-hour nose spray to combat the nasty buggers living in my sinuses. That would explain why my cold sore's here, though, as they usually poke their heads up whenever I actually get sick with something beyond the sniffles.

Speaking of sniffles and colds, Adrienne and I are taking action on the deplorably freezing state of our apartment. According to Massachusetts law, landlords are required to keep the temperature in all apartments at 68 and above between 7am and 11pm, and at 64 and above between 11:01pm and 6:59am. Refusing to suffer any longer, I bought an indoor temperature monitor off Amazon and had it overnight shipped so it should arrive today. Then we'll record the temperature for two days, call the landlord to explain what's going on and what we're planning, buy some window insulation kits/low-e film for the windows, record the temperatures again, and then hand the receipts over to the landlord. Democratic justice in action, y'all.

Also, if anyone wants to let me know their opinion of The Tin Princess I'd love to hear it. I really enjoyed it, but I think I liked The Tiger in the Well better simply because I adore Sally.

The Tin Princess by Philip Pullman
The Cripple of Inishmaan by Martin McDonagh
The Lieutenant of Inishmore by Martin McDonagh

p.s. One of the faculty just came in and gave me a package of Ferrero Rocher chocolates as a present. I love these people!


Nate said...

The scene with Jim and Adelaide holding the flag and going down fighting in the snow is, in my opinion, the best scene in any of the four books, and one of the better scenes in Pullman's fiction. That's why I like "The Tin Princess" the best.

Kari said...

All I have to say about Afrin is to make sure that as SOON as things clear up you drop what you have left off of a cliff--it does the job mighty affectively but can occasionally become difficult to live without. ;) Good luck with the heat issue. We miss you!

Cori H said...

I haven't read the others in that series, but I really enjoyed the Tin Princess. I picked it up at a thrift store. It made me want to read the others, but that requires getting around to going to the library.
I hope you feel better!

Wiry said...

I'm in total accord with you on Tin Princess. I liked it, as I adore Jim (slash want to BE Jim), but this story was very different from the Lockhart mysteries. There was no big ONE villain who gets their what-for, and really in the end they just... lose. I liked Becky, but she was no Sally. Tiger in the Well was by far my favorite, as I am a big fan of revenge stories and the pile-up of crap Tzaddik threw at Sally just made me grin (i.e. when you find out what he plans on using her daughter FOR). The whole thing is full of climactic battles, and Goldberg rocks my socialist socks. All this said, I was really hoping that Mrs. Holland would pop back up too, but oh well.

RM said...

I haven't read this tome about various women of regal backgrounds crafted out of tin or pewter or whatnot. I can't bring anything to that conversation.
Wondering though, if you can recommend a good quality web-design software program dealie. Let me know.

Traveler72 said...

The theology journal, and the fact that it's addressed to someone who's been dead for years - which means it could theoretically end up in your hands - honestly sounds like the beginning of a Mage game. If you go home and read it and find yourself able to work miracles, I'm going to be a little jealous.

But just letting you know I might actually use that at some point. Consider it a literary allusion to your blog. ... in an rpg ...