Sunday, December 16, 2007

Tuesday Night's Squad

Today has been one of the most productive days I've had in a while. Got massive amounts of laundry done, dry-cleaned some stuff (myself), ironed 8 pairs of pants, cleaned my room, paid the bills, cleaned the bathroom, watched some of season two Battlestar Galactica, and burned all of the Planet Earth series that I finally got my hands on from the library. Whew! Funny story: as I was quickly changing out my stuff from the washer to the dryer, the young gentleman waiting for the washer kindly informed me that I'd dropped something. He picked it up to hand it to me and we both realized at the same time that it was a pair of my black underwear. I simply thanked him, threw them in with the rest, started the machine, and sauntered out. The whole thing was rather comical and so sitcom-esque I'm sure it's happened on some show before.

Well, ladies and gents, you can release your bated breath. The date on Friday night went well, really, really well and I'm seeing him again on Tuesday night for sushi. The time until then cannot possibly pass fast enough. Translation: I've definitely got the hots for this guy! We spent nearly 5 straight hours together Friday night and neither of us felt it was enough time. He paid for dinner and skating/skate rental at the Frog Pond. And since he is an ice hockey player and knew I was nervous about my terribly skating skillz, he just skated backwards the whole time with his hands out in front of him so I could hold onto him as I skated forward. Yeah, I'm sure we made some of the punks at the rink gag with the cuteness, but he was so sweet about it and we had great conversation whilst going round and round. He also saved my ass from falling no less than 7 times. We then sojourned to Dunkin' Donuts for some coffee (me) and hot chocolate (him), which I paid for out of gratitude and smitten-ness. Our topics of conversation ran the gauntlet from politics to drunken college time to jobs to favorite books to theories of religion...and beyond to much, much more. The night concluded wonderfully: we chatted for a bit outside my T stop, I hugged him, he kissed my cheek so I kissed his, and he seemed to think "Fuck it!" and went in for the real kiss...So nice! Quick but sweet, and I couldn't stop grinning like an idiot all the way home. I distracted myself from giddy thoughts by playing some more Super Mario on my DS.

Don't jinx it, but I think this might work out for us. :o) Guess I'll have to tell Ben "no" for a third date. Any suggestions on how to break it to him easy?

Anyone who's a fan of The Big Lebowski should definitely take a look at this video. Kudos to Adrienne for the heads up! Saturday night saw me babysitting for Dylan and then rushing off to Anthony's house for a holiday soiree. Poor Dylan had a bad cold, though, so he had a snot face the whole time and had some problems getting to sleep. He also threw up on my shoulder at one point--thankfully I managed to tame the grossness with soap and water after he fell asleep. I also talked to Yuval for over 20 minutes on the phone, a rare and practically unprecedented feat for me considering how much I hate talking on the phone. Dylan's parents came home a little after 10:00pm, paid me way much more than anyone deserves to paid for this kind of work, and wished me a happy holiday as I bolted out the door for the T to Brighton. Turned out my bottle of white wine was not needed (more for us!), but plenty of fun times were had playing Scattergories and, as my uncle says, shootin' the shit. Adrienne and I ended up having to take a taxi home at 12:50am as, unbeknownst to us, the inbound T stopped running around 12:15am. And so my love/hate relationship with the MBTA continues...

No church this morning as the ridiculous amounts of snow and sleet made the buses even slower than normal. Instead, I busied myself buying toilet paper, razors, and getting quarters with which to do laundry. Thai food later tonight at Duk Bua (yum!).

P.S. For those who know what I'm talking about, what could you see me as more: a Clayr, an Abhorsen, a Remembrancer, or a Charter Mage? I like all of them...


The Project said...

Fuck yeah E-wood. Way to bring home the metaphorical bacon on the lovemakin'.

Which rhymes, is somewhat suggestive, and would make an awesome song, all in one sentence.

My work here is done.

Miss you amazingly much. I can haz trip to Bawstan soon?

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