Friday, December 7, 2007

You Were Meant For Me

Um, is anyone else as psyched about this trailer as I am? True, it doesn't seem to capture the goofy feel of the original Speed Racer series, but considering it was a show about a teen who's obsessed with racing whose girlfriend spent more time with his little brother and pet monkey than she did with him...well, I think it's amazing they even came up with a plot. And I loves me some John Goodman.

Also, in case you ever wanted to know: How To Break A Beer Bottle With Your Bare Hands.

THE DATE. I know you're all dying to hear about it, but because I've told the story so much I'm going to literally copy and paste from an email I sent to Anton. Don't tell me what I can't do!

The date was really fun. My ankles hurt like hell from the skating, but otherwise it was quite enjoyable. The conversation never had any awkward moments or pauses and we were able to discuss at length things like The West Wing and our families and our favorite professors who are dying of horrible diseases (not actually as depressing as it sounds). He paid for everything, including my foamy mint mocha at a little cafe on Charles Street after the skating finished. I called my dad afterwards to assure him I was not dead or kidnapped and proceeded to discuss how I worried I was that I couldn't tell if I like liked Ben or not: I enjoyed our time together, he's cute in an unexpected way, we get along, but he's very different in some personality respects and very math/logic oriented. My dad told me to stop worrying and over-thinking it and just figure out if I had fun or not. I did, and he asked if I thought I'd have fun doing this with Ben again and I said yes. He told me that's all that matters.

It's just so strange because this is the first date I've ever been on with someone I didn't already have a crush on or was dating at the time. It's so overwhelming trying to take in all aspects of a person while remaining engaged in a conversation! I'm planning a date with a different guy who I've been talking to as well, so I'm turning into my college-era mother more and more (aka the Serial Dater). I'm glad I did this, though, because at the very least I feel like we could be friends. For the other date (his name's Yuval--he's Jewish), I think we're going to a Bruins game. He plays hockey, I enjoy sporting events, and tickets are only $10. I'm really excited about this one, actually.

Today will be an interesting day at work. We're hosting the Massachusetts Junior Classical League Conference, which means about 500 area high school students have descended upon us and will make our day much more interesting than it should otherwise be. Oy vey...

I've started reading Lirael and I'm really enjoying it. Very interesting how different a heroine she is from Sabriel. Garth Nix is definitely a new favorite of mine. :o) And not that any of you care, but OHMYGOD the latest two episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender have been so good I was literally at the edge of my seat. Now if only Nickelodeon would tell me when they plan on airing the next episode...

Um. Yes. Audition tonight for Zimmerman's Metamorphoses, babysitting Dylan tomorrow, Golden Compass on Sunday. Boss!

p.s. #4 on my sister's Christmas wish list is The A to Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers. Part of me thinks that's really cool, and part of me wonders what kind of impact her major is having on her social image... ;o)


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