Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lesson No. 1

I have to say I'm upset that Grey's Anatomy got two Golden Globe nominations. Even fans of the show admit that it's gone careening downhill. Wake up, nominating committee! Just because it's a medical drama with attractive people doesn't mean it's automatically a good show! At least House has the street cred to back up its multiple nominations. Speaking of which, I have to make a trip over to MiniNova to get the latest episode...

The date went really well last night: that is, really well after we found the actual location of the Paris Creperie. When I looked it up it said it was near MIT and the river, so there I went, only to have Ben call 411 when the location it gave us turned out to be a bakery. Of course the new location just had to be in Coolidge Corner, a mere 10-minute walk from my apartment. But once we got there, delicious crepes were eaten (mine was ham and brie, and I had a brown sugar and butter crepe for dessert). We probably talked for about 2 1/2 hours straight, including the short ride he gave me home. He's a really nice guy to talk to, but I'm discovering more and more that he doesn't have quite as much of a sense of humor as I'd like and has a few other personality traits that I'm not so taken with. Perhaps I'll go out with him again, perhaps not? I paid this time since he covered my ass last time. Is it a bad thing if the guy doesn't even protest a little bit when the girl offers to pay, or is my method of thinking completely out-moded and anti-feminist? In any case, tomorrow night is the date with Yuval, which I have high hopes for based on our conversations so far.

"Avoid Death" has been chosen as the funniest warning label this year. The runners-up were pretty amazing, too. Oh, what a culture of lawsuits we've become! I finished Lirael last night, ravenously devouring the last three chapters whilst making my doomed way to the initial crepe location. The library cannot possibly ship Abhorsen to me fast enough: I think it's safe to say that Garth Nix has found a place on my "favorite authors" shelf right next to Philip Pullman. Anyone have an opinion on The Keys to the Kingdom and whether or not I should pick it up? Also, for any other Abhorsen Trilogy fans out there, Nix has officially stated that he's writing two more books for that world. One will be called Clariel: The Lost Abhorsen and will show how Chlorr of the Mask came to be about 450 years before Sabriel. The other one has no title yet but will fit into the world somehow...I forget what the press release said, exactly. In any case, hurray for more Old Kingdom and Ancelstierre!

And because of this shit that's heading right for us, I get to leave work early today. As in right now. HUZZAH FOR SNOW DAYS!

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Nate said...

Keys to the Kingdom is too young for us, I think, or maybe I'm thinking of The Seventh Tower.

In any case, you're going to want to pick up his collection of short stories entitled "Across the Wall" after you finish Abhorsen, especially because it's got more Ancelstierrean goodness within.