Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Calling You

Despite the fact that it was about 9 degrees outside last night, Yuval and I had a wonderful time eating sushi and talking in the restaurant for three hours straight (I'm pretty sure the waitstaff hated us). He gave me a ride home, there were some goodnight kisses exchanged, and I grinned all the way into my apartment. We almost cancelled the date because he's had a bad cough lately, but thankfully it had died down a lot during the day. He called me an hour after the date to ask me to save my copy of yesterday's Metro paper, wherein his letter to the editor was published: he was admonishing someone who wrote in the day before as Santa saying that, due to polar caps shrinking, "Santa" would do his part to cut down on environmental costs by subsisting on a diet of penguin eggs. Yuval replied that, since penguins live in Antarctica, the transportation costs alone would make that a very un-environmentally friendly policy). Um...I really, really like him! I'm going out with him again this Thursday night: we wanted to have another date before I leave to go home for a week. And he's already asked if I want to do something for New Year's with him. It's all still a little strange, this going on real "dates" with someone I'm not in an established relationship with, but I'm having a good time so far!

Be glad you don't celebrate any holiday like these fundamentalist Mormons: 47 siblings and 7 wives? Talk about an expensive Christmas! Speaking of Christmas, Sweeney Todd is getting very positive reviews all around, at least according to Rotten Tomatoes (an 89% with 29 reviews in). Hurray! Also in the holiday spirit of things, Adrienne's Chorus Pro Musica concert is coming up this Friday night and I'm super excited--there are few things I love more at this time of year than the songs and the singing of them. She was on TV this morning (the local FOX news broadcast) as part of a small sampling of what's to come at the choir's concert. It was so cool seeing her all pixelated and shit! I wanted to point and shout "That's my roomie! I know her!" Very awesome, even if it was 8:40am.

Thankfully Mom convinced Megan to return her recently purchased copy of I Am America ("I just think you're really going to want to return that, Meg. Trust me."), so my Christmas present for her is saved. Although now she suspects something, but I guess it can't be helped. Yesterday was my first ever official office holiday party, although it wasn't just technically our office; it was the entirety of the faculty and staff here at BU at the annual party. But it took place from 3-5pm, which meant I essentially got to leave work early to go drink free booze, eat really good food, and enter door prize drawings. I can't emphasize enough how awesome working for a university is: everyone should try it at least once!

Also, Britney Spear's 16-year old sister is preg-o, folks. But don't worry, the father is her "long time" boyfriend that she's had since high school...which she's still attending. I don't normally care about celeb gossip, but the Spears family is a train wreck I just can't tear my eyes away from. And I love that their mom is currently writing a parenting book. Right. I'll be sure to keep that book as far away as possible from all future baby showers I might attend...

Okay, time to keep working on the 8 lbs. of dark chocolate Lindor Truffles that the sweet German professor in the department got me. Thanks, Wolfgang, for making sure I will not suffer from lack of chocolate this holiday season!


The Project said...

I just feel that I should let you know, I watched "Pitch Black" again.

So far, I think the only people I know who own/are really into that movie are named Erin. Three and counting....

Glad to hear the dates are going well! Keep him around for a bit, hopefuly I'll get to meet him...there will be tests and trials of manhood for him, if he wants to earn the vaunted "Jeff Seal of Aprovement"



The Project said...

The book is almost completely different---the vampires are very different, and a lot more human, the main character is even more different (he's kind of an alchoholic loser who just happens to luck out, rather than a military scientist), and there's a whole twist in the end that makes the conclusion completely different. To the degree that what the phrase "I am Legend" means in the movie has nothing to do with what it means in the book.

But! I think the movie worked fine, and the book worked fine, so I'm happy with both. I do recomend reading--its a short story, goes by quickly.

Traveler72 said...

Hey Erin!

Yes, it was Joseph who could interpret dreams. Although I think Daniel could too...or maybe he could read the writing on the wall. Well, you better put on your Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat or get thrown to a den of lions, I guess...

I could kind of sense the "dream dictionary" presence in your interpretation, but nonetheless it was an interesting one. My mom gave an interesting version where that was fun to compare to yours, where they matched up and where they diverged and what they shed light on and all. Interpreting dreams is fun!

How are you doing? MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Oh, and congrats on the good date! When Dates Go Amazingly should be a Fox special, and you could be featured in it.