Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Deck The Halls

So...sleepy...I love candlepin bowling, I just wish I could get to bed earlier than 12:15am on Monday nights. At least I got to ride in Colin (Kat's red w/white stripes Mini-Cooper) and see a GPS in action for the first time. Plus, I bowled a 74, which is a high score for me in candlepin. Huzzah!

The Metamorphoses audition went well, even though the director surprised me by asking me to sing some of my favorite holiday song: going in I thought the singing was optional. Nonetheless, "Silent Night" came to the rescue and I managed to stay on pitch and key. I haven't heard back from them, which means no callback for me (again). Oh well. Though I really miss doing theatre it's not causing an irreparable hole in my life. Perhaps this means I'm just not passionate enough to "make it", or maybe it just means that theatre's not what I'm supposed to be focusing on right now. Either way, I don't feel depressed about it. Theatre's given me a lot of good things in life, and if Dionysus has declared that my stint is over, then so say we all, right? Yeah, I've been watching way too much Battlestar Galactica (and now I'm on the wait list for season 2.0).

I was 30 minutes late to babysitting because the T was out and they were busing people to the first underground stop. I called Jillian (the mom) and told her what was going on and she told me to just get in a cab and they'd pay for it. Unfortunately the traffic around in the area they occupy is horrendous at night (and it was a Saturday), so it still took me the better part of a half an hour to get there. The cabbie was friendly, though, and we had a nice discussion about how crazybadinsane Boston drivers are. Fortunately, though, Dylan was still awake due to a late nap, so I still got to play with him plenty. He used my finger as a chew toy at one point--ah, teething.

Anyone who ever went to Catholic school or has had any dealings with nuns will laugh at this. Silly nuns. Not to exclude my Jew friends, here's one for you, too. Ham for Hanukkah? That grocery should fire whoever made that sign. You're in Manhattan, for chrissakes! At least try to be a little more cosmopolitan and world-savvy. Speaking of Christmas and holidays, I've got almost all my shopping done. I'm a big fan of in-honor-of charity donations for extended family, so I purchased quite a few shares of different animals at Heifer International for my aunts, uncles, and grandma. Highly recommended, if you're stuck on what to get people for a present.

I'm currently listening to a lot of Christmas music, as you can tell by this entry's title. If you want to support charity whilst getting into the holiday spirit, go to AccuRadio and listen to any of their holiday channels. They'll donate a $1 to charity for every hour you listen.

So I've got two dates this week with two different guys. Wednesday night I shall be seeing Ben again, this time just for dinner. Friday night will feature dinner and ice skating with Yuval (wherein he will skate circles around me with his fancy hockey moves). I'm still nervous about this whole "dating" thing, but I know a little more of what to expect now, at least.


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